International Yoga Film Festival 2018

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Wed, 18 Jan to Wed, 18 Jan 2006, 00:00

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Yoga, when we heard this word the main thing flies up in our psyche is obviously 'intense asanas' and 'twisting activities', however to your ponder Yoga isn't just identified with 'asanas' and 'exercise'. It is an energetic blend and significant ascent with a touch of a profound segment, which gives you a gander at something that past all innovative capacity.

As we probably am aware Yoga is more than a few thousand years old. The word yoga starts from the root Yuj which implies 'to incorporate', 'to join', 'to join together', or 'to annex' in its most essential distinguishes. Its practices and teaches can be followed back to pre-Vedic Indian, it is specified in the Rigveda, however doubtlessly created around the fifth and 6th hundreds of years BC.

One of such magnificence of yoga in the present lifetime is that it has protected so well that in the event that somebody begins taking in its practices and methods in profound, one can separate same advantages from such practices that our predecessors in past were known to appreciate.

Keeping in mind the end goal to bear on the advantages of this heavenly practice in the present time of Kalyug, His Holiness 'Acharya Jagdish Ji Maharaj' framed NamoGange Trust in 2015. We are a non‐profit association coordinated and oversaw by a group of dynamic and devoted energetic fans with the help of the trustees, board individuals, proficient staff and conferred volunteers.

One of such piece of the association is


The primary point of this festival is to make mindfulness about yoga and health through the medium of short films and documentaries and to encourage mix in the public eye by spreading the message of the significance of Yoga in our life and prosperity. The festival is gone for giving a lift to the yoga development in India.

One of such occasion was composed on twentieth March 2017 at ICCR-Azad Bhawan Auditorium Delhi. In an aggregate of 38 members from different schools, trusts, organizations and establishments took part in the occasion these incorporate huge names like Doordarshan, Film Division India, Isha Foundationand Kevalayadham.

In this festival, 218 films made on yoga got a section in the occasion, out of which just 17 members got chose for screening.

The film festival began with National Anthem and Indian established move execution and some other institutional films were additionally incorporated into the festival.

The significant boss visitors incorporate Founder of Namo Gange Trust - Mr. Jagdish Ji Maharaj, Chairman of Namo Gange Trust-Mr. Vijay, Chairman of Marwa Films and Studios - Mr. Sandeep Marwa, Representative of United Nations Mr. Rajiv and Deputy Director General of ICCR Smt. Namrata Kumar.

The festival is closed with prize conveyance service. The primary prize was given to 'Aditya Narayan Ojha - Swargya Nark', the second prize was given to 'Atul Bisht - Scent of Yoga' and the third prize was given to 'Saurabh Suman Jha - Yoga in Life'.


His Holiness 'Acharya Jagdishji Maharaj' framed Namo Gange Trust in 2015 to advance and execute different exercises like Aviral Ganga, Shrimad Bhagwat, Anna Dan, Gau Seva, Yoga and Meditation, workshops, Seminars. We are favored to have a group of committed and gave individuals to serve human and mankind. Our group is excitedly tolerating the difficulties of life and working for improving lives and living.

We are a non‐profit association coordinated and oversaw by a group of dynamic and committed eager lovers with the help of the trustees, board of trustees individuals, proficient staff and submitted volunteers. With the gift of Lord Krishna and motivation from Maa Ganga, our trust has turning into a mission and development of Shrimad Bhagwat Katha and Aviral Ganga. Presently trust is serving expansive number of populace by giving wide scope of Social administrations, Health administrations, Lifestyle, Environmental mindfulness and Drugless treatments through different exercises like Anna Dan, Gau Seva, Jan Seva, Jan Kalyan, Jan Swasthya, Yoga, Meditation, workshops, Seminars and introductions. Trust is working for social equity, strengthening, training, wellbeing, peace and amicability.

Mission and Vision

Our central goal

Our central goal is to secure and protect a standout amongst the most old inheritances of Indian culture and human progress 'Heavenly River Ganga'. The Clean Ganga is an earlier worry notwithstanding give the balance of access to all parts of our general public by offering committed time and activities.

Our vision

Our vision is सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिन:, it means may all be upbeat and nobody endures on this planet. We are conveying and spreading the message of wellbeing, peace and congruity for the welfare of mankind the whole way across the world. While thinking about downsides of globalization, we should consolidate to determine every one of the weights on our wellbeing and internal identity to make this world free of stress, nerves, ailments and a wide range of negativities.

Our Achievements

Acharyaji's vision spins around Educational, Healthcare, Ecological, Spiritual, Cultural, Moral and Social attention to profit the general population of globe. Notwithstanding, there are such regions where Acharyaji has done staggering commitment to the humankind.

The Namo Gange Trust is rousing a large number of individuals in India to safeguard one of the antiquated heritages 'Sacred River Ganga'.

The Trust is arranging and directing wellbeing workshops, classes, talks, addresses and Yoga/Meditation camps.

The Trust is touching existence of a man to bring trust and support in solid and quiet living.

The Trust is making an effect in our general public where the idea of standing, doctrine, race and religion doesn't exist.

Advancing and growing the precepts and messages of Lord Krishna through Shrimad Bhagwat Katha.

Displaying chain's of 'The Yogshala' for the whole groups to determine different wellbeing and health issues through Yoga and Meditation.

The Trust commended first International Yoga Day on June 21, 2015 by leading a workshop on 'Yoga and Meditation' with colossal witness almost around 4000 inhabitants of National Capital Region (Delhi/NCR).



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